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Johannsen Appraisal Services

Johannsen Appraisal Services

Johannsen Appraisal Services will assist you to find out what your property is worth. They will also help you determine Residential and Commercial values.

What is my property worth?

Homeowners and commercial property investors alike count on Johannsen Appraisal Services to deliver unbiased, timely and precise real estate appraisal services. Our professional property appraisers are able to provide expert opinions and advice on:
  • The current value of properties
  • The future value of properties being built
  • The value of a property involved in litigation
  • Residentail appraisals in sudbury ontario


    Whether you are looking to determine the value of a condominium, a townhouse, a custom-built home or a heritage home , our professional real estate appraisers can help establish a fair, accurate figure you can literally take to the bank. Our residential services include:
  • Pre-listing market analysis
  • Mortgage financing
  • Estate planning appraisals
  • Estate settling appraisals
  • Property assessment appeals
  • Division of assets and divorce appraisals
  • Capital gains and taxation appraisals
  • Commercial

    Investment protection is a priority for owners and managers of commercial properties such as industrial buildings, warehouses, retail complexes, resort properties, offices and professional buildings. We help by making sure you know exactly what your property is worth through our set of expert property appraisal services witch include:
  • Replacement cost and insurance appraisals
  • Reserve fund studies
  • Investment property consulting services
  • Expropriation appraisals